Terms of Service

I am responsible for providing the vehicle(s) (unless a pickup truck is selected), equipment and supplies (dollies, straps, boxes, etc unless inquired and approved) needed for my move. I acknowledge that Your Carrier may cover my move for property damage up to $1000. I acknowledge that Your Carrier does not cover and will not move pianos, organs, gun safes, pool tables, antiques, exercise equipment (unless approved) or anything collectible, irreplaceable, highly valuable or potentially dangerous.

I acknowledge Your Carrier's service is not of the standard traditional home mover which may limit/hamper the ability to complete certain "standard" request in an ideal fashion, in which potential damage may result non-reimbursable. I further understand Your Carrier does not disconnect/connect appliances. I understand I must drive (if applicable) the rental truck. I acknowledge to pay the amount given by my Your Carrier representative when the service is completed. I acknowledge to pay a mandatory one hour minimum rate dependent on number of carriers selected if my move is less than one hour.

I further acknowledge, dependent on the number of carriers, to pay the one hour minimum rate up to my total moving time if I tell the carriers to leave at any given time for any given reason. I understand if my request cannot be completed on site due to various factors I may still be subject to pay. I further I understand if I request an estimate, the estimate is subject to change and is not a quote.

I understand I will pay an $80 fee if I cancel and/or reschedule within one hour and thirty minutes of my move scheduled appointment. I acknowledge that Your Carrier is not responsible for items damaged by water if moved in the rain. I understand, if I do not pay my bill within 30 days of services rendered, I will be charged a 10% late fee on the principal each additional day starting on day 31. Additionally, I understand I will be charged a $70 fee on all bounced checks. I further acknowledge that if I do not pay my service invoice upon completion of services then I may be responsible for any reasonable costs, expenses, and/or attorney's fees Your Carrier may incur in its pursuit of collecting any outstanding invoice. I further acknowledge that under this Service Agreement any claim for damage to an item serviced is waived unless a reasonable description of the damage is reported in writing to Your Carrier management within two (2) days of the day of service.